There Isn’t One Way to Live Life

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There’s a lot of pressure from parents, peers, and society to live life a certain way.

And depending on who raised you or where you were raised, the parameters are different.

Some common pressures include: marry young, don’t have sex before marriage, go to college, get a stable job, buy a house, have kids, or a myriad of other pressures.

I’m here to say that all of these pressures are bullshit.

If you don’t want to have kids or don’t want to work a conventional job, those are your choices to deal with, not anyone else’s.

You are the only one living your life. Don’t conform to societal norms or live a life that other people want you to have.

Instead, figure out what your dreams are, and go for them!

Yes, you should be a good human and avoid negatively impacting the people around you.

But beyond this, I’m a firm believer that how other people view your life is noise in the wind.

Life is short. Optimize for what’s best for you, block out the voices of others, and live your best life! 🤙

I've been building digital businesses, wandering the world, and writing about optimizing life for freedom since early 2017. My mission is to lower the barrier for people who want to live with more freedom: whether that be as an entrepreneur, a digital nomad, an early retiree, or just as someone who wants to live a happiness-driven life.