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Lessons From Digital Nomads

👨‍💻 This past week, we published 5 new interviews with digital nomads. Here are some of my favorite quotes!

“I used to work in the fashion industry, and comparing yourself to others is practically a sport. I’ve started comparing myself only to who I was yesterday and who I’d like to be tomorrow. It’s been the most liberating thing, and it’s allowed me to better myself as a person and to be more confident with who I am.” – Michelle Della Giovanna (Creating a Life of Stability and Happiness While Nomading)

“Charge more! I don’t care how much you’re currently charging or what seems reasonable – charge MORE! And then just keep charging more. You’re probably not asking for enough money, and with higher rates comes better clients as well. The worst that can happen is they say no, which happens to me sometimes, and then at least I tried.” – Kathleen O’Donnell (How Solo Nomading in 24 Countries Taught Me to Value My Freedom and Time)

“The more people we meet and cultures we experience, the more we are convinced that our similarities are much greater than our differences. Most people just want for themselves and their families to be happy and safe. Despite the political landscape of the last several years, we still believe this to be true.” – Greg & Betsy Ball

“Another piece of advice I would give is to just go for it and embrace the fact that you might suck at first. The first YouTube videos, the first Facebook lives, the first books and posts, whatever you are creating, embrace the suck, you get better over time and just keep coming back at it knowing that your skills are an art that get refined over time.” – Vivi Wild (My Adventurous Life of Exploring 70 Countries in 20 Years)

“Ask other digital nomads where they recommend you go next. Don’t “book out” your whole trip before you leave home. Plan maybe one or two “jumps” and then talk to people. I ended up in Serbia (and then other Balkan countries) because I asked two different digital nomads where I should go over one summer since I could not afford to stay in Europe. The Balkans were pretty amazing.” – Helen Ryan (How Nomading Taught Me to Go With the Flow and Live in the Moment)

Recent Posts From Me

✍️ I just wrapped up my final micro-essay (you can read them all here). I’m not sure if I’ll keep going or not, but it was a fun month!

Day 30: If You Want to Make a Habit Stick, Find an Accountability Partner

A slightly longer article: Lessons From 3 YouTubers That Have Gained 1M Subscribers & 270M Views in ~2 Months

COVID Travel Updates

✈️ I’m planning to travel to Europe (Germany, Italy, and Spanish Canary Islands) in September, so I’ve been monitoring the COVID situation in Europe and globally.

I was concerned that countries might start closing borders and instituting curfews due to the Delta variant, but it doesn’t seem like much has changed in the last few weeks. Europe and Latin America (for the most part) are still open to vaccinated Americans, and Asia is mostly closed.

You can see an overview map below and  get complete updates here.

A map that shows what countries are open or closed during COVID

Live With Urgency

🏎️ I love this. One of the biggest life and career mistakes I’ve observed is that a lot of people don’t move with urgency.

Move quickly discover what you enjoy doing. I wrote about this before here.

A Nat Eliason quote on urgency, testing careers, and happiness.

How To Land A Job in 2021

💰 This is the same philosophy I used to land a job at DoorDash that they told me I was unqualified for. Applying via a job posting is a formality but shouldn’t be viewed as an actual effort to land a job.

99.9% of applicants don’t do stuff like this, so adding value before joining is the ultimate hack to standing out and landing an epic job.

P.S. I run a remote job board, in case you didn’t already know!

A Romeen Sheth quote about landing a startup job

Opportunity vs. Obstacle Mindset

🧠 I’ve increasingly come to believe that there are two types of people in the world: people who see obstacles and people who see opportunities.

And I’ve been working to surround myself with opportunity oriented people who are driving towards big goals. Here’s how I’m cultivating these relationships if you’re interested in learning about my process.

A Wayne Dyer quote: "If you believe it will work out, you'll see opportunities. If you believe it won't, you will see obstacles."

Final Thoughts

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