The Power of Consistency

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Writing consistently has been a struggle for me in recent years. But this is my eighth straight day of publishing a post and I think I could do this forever.

Publishing daily has forced me to get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper. Sometimes when I journal, I write non-sensical sentences. But this exercise has forced me to express my thoughts clearly and coherently.

The theory behind the 30-day writing course that I’m doing is that quantity leads to quality. And I’ve come to accept this as a fact.

This isn’t a revolutionary concept but it’s something that we should all spend more time thinking about.

Ed Sheeran and many other elite creators believe that in order for them to do great work, they first have to pump out a lot of low-quality work.

If there’s a skill, habit, or practice that you’ve been thinking about doing, I challenge you to do it daily starting today.

No days off and no exceptions. Find an accountability partner whom you message every day after you complete your task.

The pathway to becoming great is through consistency and volume. So get started now!

Day 8/x of publishing daily.

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