Why Skill & Apprentice Based Learning Is a Better Path Than College (Praxis)

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I’ve previously written about why I believe college is a waste of time and money but it wasn’t until I came across this interview with Praxis and Crash founder, Isaac Morehouse, that I fully grasped what the best alternative might be.

In the words of Praxis: “Our year-long program combines business training with job placement, dedicated job support, and lifetime access to a thriving community of young professionals. Don’t pay until you’re hired.”

If Praxis had existed back in ~2010, I 1,000% would’ve done this program instead of college. Fast-growing companies primarily care about how you can help them succeed, not on your resume.

And Praxis has built a program with a clear path to getting you employed at fast-growing startups at a fraction of the cost of college and in a fraction of the time.

The pricing model for college fundamentally doesn’t make sense. This is why you’re seeing a rise of educational programs with incentive aligned pricing in the form of “free until you get a job” or income share agreements.

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In the words of Praxis’s Founder, Isaac Morehouse:

“College has been scamming young people for a long-time…there has been a religious superstition that you have to get that degree…and I think more and more people see that that’s not true.”

He continued by explaining: “It’s amazing how few people think about what it is they actually need to win a job. And I’ll tell you right now that that you know, ‘hey look I bought a degree and I listed it on my resume.’ You can burn your resume, I’m telling you that’s not how you get a job anymore. You have to gain some real skills and then pitch companies on the value you can create for them.

I’m telling you that’s not how you get a job anymore, you have to gain some real skills, and then pitch companies on the value you can create for them. And that’s what we help people do with Crash. To create something that showcases their skills in a tangible way instead of just saying here this institution said that I’m okay, you know, I passed.”

Skipping college saves you time and money: “You can do this in months or a year to a lot of programs like practice, you don’t even pay tuition, unless you get a job so there’s direct accountability and a lot of boot camps out there.

Full Interview below, it’s a great watch!


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