Europe Is Re-Opening: Get Ready to Pack Your Bags!

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The European Union says it’s to finally reopening borders to travelers from outside the EU for quarantine-free entry. This is set to allow open travel to and within the EU’s bloc of 27 countries. 

The latest reports indicate it could reopen travel to the region as early as next week. 

How to get into the EU as a U.S. citizen

Travelers must be fully vaccinated with an EU-approved vaccine, including all currently offered in the United States – Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. 

They will also require coming from a country on their “safe” list. Currently, this list only consists of seven countries with well-controlled COVID rates, but it’s expected to be significantly expanded and include the United States. 

You won’t be required to quarantine or provide a negative covid test with proof of complete vaccination.

The EU says it’ll release exact specifics on Friday. The current statement says this will be a coordinated effort by the European Union as a whole, and allow for free travel within the union and mark the revival of the European summer travel season.

Individual countries will likely be able to set their own requirements as they see fit. This could mean some countries will allow unvaccinated travelers. It could also mean some countries will accept a more extensive range of vaccinations. 

Al fresco dining in Europe

If you can’t wait to plan your trip, several European countries, including Greece, France, Croatia, Italy, and a few others, have already laid out their plans, with some already open. 

The current requirements vary between countries and will likely change. 

If you choose to book now before Friday’s announcement, stay up to date with the State Department website and the embassy to ensure a great trip.

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