The Ultimate Guide to Digital Nomading

Are you interested in having the freedom to work wherever and whenever you want? To be able to wake up on a Sunday and decide that you want to take the week off and go eat sushi in Japan. To have the complete freedom to work wherever and whenever you want. To live life on your terms.

If you resonate with any of those statements or if you’re just intrigued by becoming a digital nomad, then this guide is for you!

I’m a firm believer that digital nomading is one of the fastest shortcuts to freedom: mentally, financially, and geographically. And I created this comprehensive guide to demystify the process so that you can create your dream life.

This is everything that I wish had been shared with me when I became a digital nomad in early 2017.

Before going any further, please watch my favorite video that got me fired up to become a digital nomad!

I watched that video at least five times before I became a nomad back in 2017. Back then, I had reached a breaking point where I was fed up with working for other people and making decisions that I was “supposed to make.”

I needed to live cheaply while I figured out how to make enough money to never have to get another job again. Faced with the choice betweeen living with my parents or buying a one-way trip to Asia, I wisely moved abroad.

And what was supposed to be a 3-6 month trip, has turned into a life-long obsession with financial freedom, traveling the world, and being able to control my time. I’m still wandering the world four and a half years later – and now I’m ready to help guide you on your journey to becoming a nomad.

I’ll cover everything you need to know about making money, packing, trip planning, making friends, finding community, health insurance, credit cards, picking places, and so much more!

But before going further, watch one more video to get fired up before going deep on how to make this dream a reality.

Now that you’re hopefully amped up, let’s jump into the guide! Feel free to jump around to whatever sections you find most interesting.  This can be read front to back or you can hop around.

Everything You Need To Know About Digital Nomading:

  1. What Is Digital Nomading And Why Do People Love (or Hate) It?
  2. How to Make Money From Anywhere (Digital Nomading / Location Independence)
  3. Digital Nomading Solo vs. With A Remote Travel Program (+ The Most Popular Programs)
  4. How To Handle Health & Travel Insurance While Digital Nomading
  5. How To Handle Taxes As A Digital Nomad
  6. How To Handle Cell Phone Plans As A Digital Nomad
  7. Credit Card and Banking Recommendations For Digital Nomads
  8. What To Pack When You’re Digital Nomading
  9. How to Plan Travel, Destinations, & Visas as a Digital Nomad
  10. How To Book Long-Term Housing As A Digital Nomad
  11. Six Awesome Airbnb Tips (From A Full-Time Traveler)
  12. The 16 Keys To Traveling Abroad Safely (For Women and Men)
  13. How To Meet People When You Move To A New City
  14. 12 Things To Know When Moving To A New City As A Digital Nomad
  15. 40+ Interviews With Digital Nomads

If you’re looking for more inspiration beyond what I’ve already shared, check out the below videos!

These are some of the videos that helped to push me over the edge and give me the final boost of courage and motivation to chart my own course in life.

My biggest takeaways from these videos:

  1. The only rules that you need to play by are your own
  2. The downside of taking bold risks is extremely minimal
  3. Chase your passion and then trust the process
  4. Traveling is awesome

Digital Nomading FAQs

How Do You Become A Digital Nomad?

  1. Get a remote job, start an online business, or become a freelancer
  2. Plan your trip around the world
  3. Sell your stuff, end your lease, and decide what to pack!
  4. Have the time of your life.

How Much Do Digital Nomads Make?

Digital nomads make anywhere from $1,000 per month to millions of dollars per month. Because digital nomads work online, and there are now multi-million dollar fully remote companies, there is no limit to what nomads can achieve.

Are Digital Nomads Rich?

It’s difficult to quantify an entire population of people as being rich or poor. There are some digital nomads that are barely scraping by or are running out of money and there are some that are worth $50M+.

Is Digital Nomading Legit?

Yes, there are millions of digital nomads in existence. There are endless opportunities to make money online and traveling the world is straightforward as long as you can afford it.

Do Digital Nomads Pay Taxes?

This completely depends on where the digital nomad is from, how much money they’re making, and where they’re living. Tax laws are unique to each country so it’s worth looking up how your country taxes expats.

Is It Legal To Be A Digital Nomad?

Yes, it’s legal to work online and it’s legal to travel to other countries. Many digital nomads travel on tourist visas which is a bit of a gray area but most countries don’t seem to care as long as the traveler isn’t working locally.

What Do Digital Nomads Do For Work?

Digital nomads do every type of online work you can imagine. This ranges from owning online businesses to writing, marketing, software engineering, design, sales, HR, recruiting, IT, video editing, accounting, data entry, and much more.

COVID-19 has created endless opportunities to become a digital nomad because so many companies have shifted to accomodating remote work.

What Does It Mean To Be A Digital Nomad?

Digital nomads are people who are able to live and travel anywhere in the world because their work is location independent. Some nomads choose to wander the world while others choose to live in one or two places.

What Are The Best Online Communities For Digital Nomads?

  1. Digital Nomads Around The World (100k FB Members)
  2. Female Digital Nomads (48k FB Members)
  3. Digital Nomad Girls Community (48.5k FB Members)
  4. NomadList (Paid Community)
Cam Woodsum
I've been building digital businesses, wandering the world, and writing about optimizing life for freedom since early 2017. My mission is to lower the barrier for people who want to live with more freedom: whether that be as an entrepreneur, a digital nomad, an early retiree, or just as someone who wants to live a happiness-driven life.